Thursday, May 26, 2011

The intercultural night

The intercultural night was splendid! There were participated 7 countries Austria, Italia, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Sweeden and Polonia. Every country has presented itself  in an own special way. We tasted typical delicious food, we drank delightful drinks, listened to the music, sang  and even danced! There was a lot of fun with an international spirit that night!!!

                                                     Romanian, "icre".

                                           The typical Hungarian spicy sausages.

                            The food from Spain. "La trenza" is the typical cake with from Huesca.

The Polonian dance: Polonaise.

                                                              Spanish flamencooo!!!

Italian parmigiano. Yummy!
                                           "Krówki", Polish candies. "Zubrówka", Polish spirit.


The swedish group offered delicious cheese "Västerbotten"
 and typical sweets "Ahlgrens bilar".

                                          We are learning the "Polonaise".

                                            O-zone: Dragostea Din Tei.

                                        YES! Also Swedish it´s not so difficult (nooowaaayy :))

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